The Polar Express

Recently I went to this model railway event where they sold scenery and model trains, that was a fortnight ago in the middle of Swampyland.

At one of the stalls they were selling tiny houses, trees and other things by the box for a bargain and I bought an entire storage box without looking inside for just £10,00 it so it was quite a surprise when I got home and opened it.

I am now the owner of dozens of tiny trees, houses, lamp posts, grass granules in various colours and also this little Fleischmann Picolo N-scale steam train that you can see left in the picture above this blog, the one in front of it and some rail tracks were given to me by a dear friend a few years ago.

But what to do with this huge amount of trees and things? I decided it should be used to make a small Christmas display and so I am now in the process of making a little Polar Express model railway.

I created a plywood case for this display, dimensions are 6″ x 6″ x 43″ inches. It has a sandwich construction at the bottom so I can use the space underneath to tuck away all the cables and the shuttle ride module that moves the train back and forth along the tracks.

All of this will be covered in a winter wonderland with little pine trees, houses, lamp posts and houses with lit up windows. And then when it’s all finished I will use a spray can with artificial snow to top it up.