The New Bathroom

Our new bathroom is now several weeks old and I am starting to get used to the new level of comfort and the looks of it. I can honestly say I am very content with the result even though it took some work to get it done.

When you enter a showroom for kitchens and bathrooms in Swampyland you may be overwhelmed by all that shiny luxury and designs you see but after you have established that most of it is beyond your financial capabilities you get back down to earth and become practical. And you soon realise it is quite a puzzle to find out what can actually be done for the money you pay and what not.

A romantic mood light fitted in the ceiling

To be fair, they were quick to deliver, the builder was a professional and the materials used are of excellent quality and it only took him just two weeks to finish the job, it looks great. There were a few bumps on the road to success that might be of interest to you if you want to learn from my experience.

When I searched in Google about the company where we ordered the bathroom I must say some of these reviews are quite scary and it makes me think if all these people are reflecting on the job done in an objective and honest way, I am inclined to believe they are somewhat exaggerating their negative experience. If I had searched on the internet prior to this I might not have gone to them for a new bathroom I am afraid and it’s actually a good thing I didn’t because that new bathroom looks great.

Mirror with built in light

So we spent hours at a desk in the showroom talking toilets, sinks, taps and shower fittings and tiles. The young sales woman was one of the friendliest I ever met and took all the time needed to please us and went far and beyond to find the items within our budget. Literally because she walked at least two miles altogether in that showroom to find the right sink and toilet for us. And finally we were able to sign the contract on the job.

And here’s where I come to the point of having to mention the few things that went wrong in the process. Sorry we forgot to agree on who’s job it was to carry the material two flights of stairs up in our house, sorry for mentioning the bathroom ceiling needed to be painted too although I must say I gathered that goes without saying when you buy a new bathroom. And that’s also the cause: it doesn’t go without saying, every tiny detail needs to be discussed, it’s very, very important that you do.

Choosing materials is easy and adds up to the result but most of the preparations come down to communication. And that, my readers, is a two way situation with at least two people involved. Hiccups in that process can be blamed to either or both people and it’s never on person’s fault. When you want it done exactly the way you want it make sure every little detail of what is discussed and agreed in the showroom is written down and checked by both. If you don’t do that then it might be in hindsight your own fault if things don’t turn out the way you want it, lesson learned.

These little errors were quickly solved after I went back to the showroom and asked for a solution. And after a while you forget a few things went wrong in the process. It’s the result that counts, in our case it’s all nearly forgotten after a few weeks. But I will not point you into the direction of those bad reviews (some really unjust and impolite) so I shall not be mentioning the company in this blog at my website. If you come to me, I will show you our beautiful bathroom and then tell you where it came from, promised.

Sink and toilet fixed at adjusted height for seniors and people with back problems