The love only Jesus could give you

Merry Christmas to you all my friends. I pray for you often that you may not perish with the unfaithful but that you experience the love of Jesus and be saved. Amen. You are my friends and I love you.

Without you my life would not only be utterly boring but really miserable too. The past year I have experienced your love, affection, care and attention over and over again and for that I thank you from my heart.

There is one thing I ask you for the coming year; that we do not forget each other. Please look after one another and show the love that was given to us by Jesus. He was born into this world to save us. He is here with us in spirit. Look after each other, care for your loved ones, feed them, nourish them, hug them, love them. Show each other the love only Jesus could give you. Merry Christmas.