The day I met her

I searched three years to find her you know, for Christa.

As I was recuperating from an accident in those days, I spent quite some time in a wheelchair. In a freak accident late at night I had broken some bones in the Pelvis area and I was in a daily program of physiotherapy and exercises to regain lost muscle power and mobility during that period in the hospital.

I also had to learn to walk again but that was later. I was staying at my sister and her husband as they were trained nurses and I couldn’t take care of myself then.

One day they took me to church in that wheelchair and I was wheeled in the church hall and sat next to a row in the back. And then I saw her! Right at the other far front end of the hall, she couldn’t be further away from me. She was beautiful! And then she turned her head to me and if I could have jumped I would have done so, eye contact albeit just a split second! She blushed and looked in front of her again, to the pulpit.

It only lasted half a second but I knew she was meant for me that moment. Have you ever heard of the expression “catching the spark”? That day, that very moment I caught hers and it was a magic, supernatural moment, it left me baffled for quite some time. I didn’t even notice other people coming in to church and sitting next to me and everywhere, I was stunned. Such beauty! And her eyes! But I lost her.

After the service I asked my brother in law to wheel me out as quickly as he could because of her but he didn’t realise the importance and he took his time. By the time we got outside she was already gone. And I asked him to tell me who she was but he hadn’t been paying attention to me inside church so he couldn’t tell me when we were outside.

In the weeks after I was getting more and more frustrated, I could not get her out of my mind and it was hopeless, I had fallen in love with her because of that one look in church on that Sunday. And they got fed up with me asking so I kept my feelings to myself. But I never forgot about her.

Eventually I was able to walk again with a zimmer frame and I went back to my own house. Still, she was stuck in my head and I couldn’t let go of that image when we had eye contact which startled us both. Occasionally I went back to that church on a Sunday, on crutches now, but I never saw her again.

Until three years later, still on crutches, when I was invited to a birthday party. And there she was! Rose cheeks and giggling because she had already had a few glasses of Lambrusco she was even more lovely and astonishingly attractive! There she was, the girl from church and I just had to get near her and talk to her! But whenever I moved through the crowd -the place was packed with friends- she seemed to move elsewhere and by the time I got close enough to say hi she simply said “I have to go.”

And off she went in the fog and the dark on her pushbike, leaving me in nothing less than a euphoric state. That’s her! I said, that is the girl I saw in church three years ago! My brother in law just said “Oh but that’s Christa! Didn’t know that she was that girl you’ve been having a crush on for the past years. So we got the church address book and he gave me her address.

Life has it’s complications and this was mine, it still took me months to get her to notice me and in the end I decided to be honest and write her a post card with “I love you.” We were living a hundred or more miles away from each other and this seemed the only possible way to convince her of my feelings. And it worked, she called me a week later and we talked for over an hour. The rest is history.

In November we will be married for 21 years now, and together we have four lovely children. But sometimes, when we accidentally look each other in the eyes just for a brief moment, I still catch that spark. Just a split second but it’s there.

It was an ordinary day just like any other
But something was missing before you came
Your laugh cut the air into shiny little sparkles
That made everyone go quiet and look around
Beauty in person and your heart of pure love
Made every word you said the perfect sound
And with a burst of happiness you appeared
From then on my life wouldn’t be the same