The Christmas Sweater

Last year I went shopping for Christmas clothes in Rotterdam and walked into a very, very expensive men’s clothing shop and asked a man -obviously the owner walking around proud as a cat with two tails- if he had a Christmas Sweater size 3XL for me as it was at the top of my Christmas List.

“What sort of Christmas Jumper would one require?” he asked me in return and I showed him a picture similar to the one below which was a photograph of a sweater I once had but it shrunk in the washing machine. To which he replied mockingly “Oh no my dear Sir I am afraid there aren’t enough Christmas lights in the world to go with that!”, Cheeky!

So I figured that was a no. “Can one tell me what is second on ones list?” and just to annoy him a bit I said Dungarees which made him laugh and he said Touch√©! in a very merrily and gay way. But he did sell me a very, very expensive plain pine tree green knitwear sweater without reindeer or anything else on it as he said one would need to leave some to others imagination with such a rich fantasy of Christmas sweater preferences, of which I thought again that it was cheeky of the good man but as he was obviously in a very festive mood I let it go.

Well, that was years ago and I am now looking for a new Christmas Sweater. Not one of those silly ones but a proper one, a Nordic Knitwear Sweater like in the knitting pattern mags they used to have in the old days. Anyone know where to get them? If you find this particular one or one like it in my size please let me know.