Thank God for friends

Looking back at the past weeks it is nothing less than a miracle that I haven’t gone insane and it’s only for some very dear friends that I haven’t.

Ok, that might sound a little dramatic but it’s true.

Let me explain it to you. In the past month our kitchen was replaced. Sounds easy you think but before we could install the new kitchen a lot of work had to be done, starting with removing the old kitchen. That was the easy bit but then the real disaster came: the drilling in concrete!

If there is one thing that will drive me round the bend instantly and spontaneously it is drilling in concrete! From early in the morning until late in the evening, hours after Tea and for days it went on! One problem was getting food on the table. Another problem was the thick layer of dust landing on literally everything in the house. Then there were the power cuts, the shutting off of the water mains and the tremendous noise.

And amidst of all that chaos, the noise, the despair, there were these friends who came, who weren’t panicking like me and stayed calm the entire time they were here and even had the skills to make meals where I fell short and wasn’t able to think, move or speak when the drilling went on.

So, in spite of having a huge concrete hole in the living room where once our kitchen was, the dust, the panicking, the despair, they were there to get me through and we were even able to have a lot of fun together.

I haven’t thanked them enough for all of this, looking back it all becomes a hazy memory of noise, panic and dust but not just that. It’s also a story of love, of caring friends, of ignoring all the short comings of a stay in a house without any comfort whatsoever let alone heating, mornings without cooked breakfast even though I had planned to make it for them, and no room to swing a cat in the living room. But in spite of all that, they made it possible, thank you. And most of all: thank God for friends!

P.S. Whenever I am cooking Tea now I am thinking of you two.