A few weeks ago I received a car, well sort of a car, a moped car.

Technically it’s a quadricycle but Christa and I have decided to call it a car. It has a little two cylinder Diesel engine which makes a lot of noise and the top speed is only 35 mph but who cares, I can finally go from A to B without hurting my back on a moped and I get to stay dry too.

And even though it’s a second hand and it has a few cracks in the plastic bumpers and it’s smells funny I am still -even after a few weeks- so excited to have this car.

When I start it, it shudders and the pedal is extremely sensitive when moving in reverse as it is a variomatic but all that doesn’t matter, important is that I like it very much and it has contributed to my good mood beyond believe. Freedom at 71 miles to the gallon, can you just imagine how far I can go with one full tank of Diesel?

This morning I went for weekend shopping and I came home with three crates full with groceries, 6 bottles of fizzy drinks, 4 pizzas and lots of other stuff. It’s just amazing how much fits in it. I won’t be able to open a bottle of those drinks for a while because of the lack of suspension on this car but I don’t mind, I can wait. Technically this car is not perfect and it’s not even a car but I think it’s perfect!

PTL – Praise the Lord