The leftovers from Christmas are gone and so are the delicacies we had last night, New Year’s Eve. The other thing left is all the gained pounds round the Equator. Not that I care really. Last year I have made a discovery that can cure this.

It is difficult to maintain a steady weight when you’re on infusions every three weeks. In Swampyland we have this expression, Yo-Yo Kilos and I have six of them.

You see, every time I have an infusion I gain five or six Kilos that I gradually loose over the 25 days after that and then the next infusion comes. I used to have four pairs of trousers in various sizes to cover that but I got so fed up with changing them every 5 days that I had to look for a more permanent solution. And I did.

While we were shopping for a new Christmas outfit for our son Joris we came across these belts in Marks & Spencer. The were made from some elastic material. And the other week I bought Stretch Jeans in an online work gear shop. Combined they are the holy grail of overweight people that are fighting those surplus Kilos, or in my case the cycle from infusion to infusion.

And now I don’t care about those Yo-Yo Kilos anymore, no more embarrassing moments pulling up my Jeans in public, tucking in my shirt or needless suffering to get the button in the hole when I get dressed in the morning.

Best purchases of 2015:

  1. Stretch Jeans
  2. Stretch Belt

Happy New Year