So sad

This morning I was woken up brutally when outside chain saws were started and a tree shredder behind a tractor started rattling, chewing on tree branches. A few days before I received a letter from the city council announcing that maintenance works would be carried out on the wood bank opposite our house as it hadn’t been done properly in the last years.

The noise didn’t alarm me in the first place, I just got up and got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. But when I looked outside the living room window on the first floor I was shocked to see they were cutting all the trees down. Seeing them fall even made me cry, how on earth could they do such a thing? How immensely cruel this is!

When we moved house three years ago it was so nice to look forward to see all the trees filled with bird nests in Spring and indeed it was so nice to look out of the window and use my camera to take pictures of all those happy birds in these trees.

The Willow Bank in better days

So far I’ve seen Finches, Gold finches, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits, House Sparrows, Wood Pigeons, Jay birds, Blackbirds, Collared Doves, Pigeons, Robins, Crows, Jackdaws and there are probably many more birds there of which I couldn’t find their name.

An onlooking Wood Pigeon

And this year I was looking forward in particular to spot these birds again, Spring nearing I could already see birds in love finding their place to build a new nest.

The Corona crisis has been keeping me indoors for over a year now and as this view is a large part of my present daily indoor life (I must avoid every chance to become ill as I have no working immune system) I can spend hours sitting there in the window aiming my camera outside.

But now this must all go as the city council has decided it needed to be done. When I posted images from the scene this morning on instagram someone commented: “We never saw down trees without a reason. Maybe these trees were sick or they were working on rejuvenating the trees.” Rejuvenating? By killing them? Really? Sick? These trees survived the worst storms in the past years, recently one with 12 Beaufort apparently. And someone suggested they were knotted so they would sprout again in years to come. I don’t buy that.

Gold Finches are coming to say goodbye to their trees

As far as I know these trees were healthy and could stand many a storm to come. I understand trees need maintenance and that sometimes for safety they need to be cut but there is a difference between maintenance and destruction and between rejuvenating and killing. Or just one tree down or a mile long row of them.

On behalf of thousands of birds (because they have wings instead of hands): two fingers up to the council. And to the neighbours’ cat.

These trees will soon be gone forever

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