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Yes I know, I am not a keen sharer of petitions because I have the feeling it never helps and I must admit, even this one will probably be of little interest to you but today I must act. I urge you to sign a petition. I just did, wholeheartedly. You see, I am what they call an anglophile, I love England.

A long time ago, when I was about 18 years old, I used to live in a little place in England, more particular in Norfolk called Little Plumstead. And in the years that followed I loved it more and more, and the people, my colleagues and friends, they grew on me. It is because of them this love goes deep. I even dedicated my poetry book to them which I called A taste of love.

And as I loved England more and more in the years after, I loved the heritage they have too. The pubs, the country roads, the signs, the cottages, thatched roofs, phone booths, Custard, Bitter, Trifle and much more. And Mustard, Colman’s Mustard.

And it is because of that I must act today as if the country were still mine. Today I read in the English newspapers, their online news items that is, that there is a good chance Unilever, who owns Colman’s Mustard now, is going to close the Norwich factory along with the closure of the Britvic factory (another British brand).

And that is just bad news. Whilst the entire world is moving on and gradually modernising, destroying their past culture, England is making the most effort to keep and preserve it. Except that companies like Unilever have no heart for that, they just want to make money and they don’t care for history, for national pride, heritage and well, let’s call it utter Englishness.

If they are closing that plant in Norfolk it will be a wrongful act totally disobeying the value of British history. For the people in England and for the world. For them we must save this invaluable piece of England.

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