This is a funny story about what happened this morning. As I was doing my weekend shopping in Albert Heijn (a bit like Sainsbury’s I think) I was studying my shopping list. I need new reading glasses so it took me a little while as I was concentrated and slowly moving forward and when I looked up a woman standing quite close to me looked at me and shouted  “ASSHOLE!!!” right in my face and really loud too!

Of course I was more than startled by that word, shocked even and brought out of balance I stammered ‘But, but, but why madam?’.  “It wasn’t meant for you sir, sorry.” she immediately apologised as it was meant for her husband who appeared now, was standing next to me with his shopping cart looking very meek and putting the large Salami slowly back on the shelve. She then carried on arguing with her husband, “Now didn’t I tell you not to put things in the trolley that aren’t on my list?!”

So you will probably forgive me for thinking then what an obnoxious cow she was. But I didn’t say it out loud, now did I?