Look to the sky! Jesus is coming!”

This is the first line of one of my favourite songs sung by the American Christian Blues singer Larry Howard a long time ago.

I lost the record years ago before I got married but the song remained in my memory and every now and then I missed that music reminiscing about the past, a bit sad. I’ve looked for it online, it’s not on Spotify and the CD can’t be bought in music stores anymore as it’s been sold out for many years.

But today is an especially happy event as I am listening to this music again, thanks to my friend Leon who delivered a CD as a present through the letterbox. Thank you Leon for this special gift, it means the world to me.

It was one of my favourite records in those years when I was young and it’s titled Redeemed. The words of that first song on the record have a special meaning to me and I have not forgotten why as I recently wrote down an account of being saved decades ago in that room up in Old Hall in Little Plumstead.

Ever since then when I occasionally look up at night to see the stars, this sentence comes to my mind: “Look to the sky, Jesus is coming”. Amazing that one simple sentence can be so comforting to a person and to me it has such power I sometimes get a little emotional when I whisper those words. And to know that I am redeemed.