One of the advantages of having hearing aids is you can take them out. One of the disadvantages is you can take them out.

The thing is, they make these little nifty devices so small that you can hardly notice them anymore as if to say you should be ashamed you need help hearing and never mention them in a conversation in public or make them see it.

I don’t really care really, yes I have bad hearing and no, I don’t mind saying I need hearing aids to solve that problem. When I went to an audiologist a couple of years ago we discussed the options and I told him what I really wanted were Cobalt Blue hearing aids I saw on the internet somewhere because that would match most of my clothes and them being visible saved me from explaining about them. But alas, the Cobalt Blue hearing aids -or any other bright colour for that matter- were supposed to be for children.

WHAT??? For children? Excuse me, did I hear it right? Why are bright colours for children? Are we creative persons with a slight hearing problem supposed to mingle in with the boring colourless world around us or do we have the right to express ourselves in an artistic way? What will it be? Personally, I would be wearing hearing aids in a nice primary colour consider as a form of art and self-expression. It was not to be though, the audiologist was very persistent and I bought boring grey hearing aids.

What do you think, was the audiologist right? E-mail me your thoughts! I’m listening.