I think I told you about owning an industrial strength sewing machine I owned as a youngster for a while a few weeks ago, didn’t I? I used to make leather wallets, bible covers and other things with it.

I made brown leather pencil cases too, and for myself a really a big one with a big robust zipper.

In those days , Radio Veronica, Radio Noordzee, (broadcasting ‘illegally’ from ships in the North Sea) Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg were huge, we would listen to them on every occasion we could. Unfortunately our parents believed those radio stations broadcasting from ships in the North Sea were of the devil and we were not allowed to listen to them (being brought up in a very strict religious family).

Back to that pencil case. In a way to pass on the information about the frequencies they were broadcasting from I drew the names of the radio station in bold blue biro on that pencil case followed by their respective frequencies. On the rear side I had a picture drawn of a make shift AM aerial so I could show them how many windings of copper wire it needed and how it was done so my class mates could draw it too from the example in their notebooks as well as the frequencies. And at the end of that day at school I could polish it all off with a wet cloth, it was that simple, wasn’t it?

Of course I often had to pass my pencil case to class mates in secret without the teacher noticing it or I would be in trouble but as I was bad in keeping quiet in class in those days (ADHD) I got caught of course. The teacher confiscated my pencil case and called my parents on the phone and I knew I was in trouble when I got home and my dad stood angry in the doorway and he took my wireless radio from my room.

Lucky for me I had this little portable transistor AM/FM radio hidden under my mattress.

And just to prove my old man wrong: Radio Caroline founder a visionary pirate who paved the way for radio today.