Piggy Slapping

We have a saying in Swampyland: “Just grown out of my shorts” which means “Coming of age”. When I was a youngster at the age of twelve, thirteen or fourteen we used to have annual events, Harvest Fests, in the area where I grew up.

Fairs for farmers usually with a parkour set with hay bales and lawn mower races and always with a band on a hay wagon playing Dutch folkore songs, lots of tractors out there on the parking lot.

There was often a fenced off square of mud and a piglet was set loose there which you had to chase and slap it on the back, it was called Piggy Slapping. It was as always the highlight of the event for me and my mates, we were clumsy clogs and usually fell over face forward in the mud but we always wore our blue overalls so it wasn’t so bad as long as we hosed ourselves off outside before taking them off at home.

We had loads of fun then, secretly drinking a beer whilst underaged but lots of fun nonetheless. The piglet slapping and underaged drinking have since then been banned don’t worry.