Paperback writer

This week my Dutch Novel Kronkelroutes! (Winding Routes!) was published. In my last blog you can read more about that, it’s my fourth book that was published now, the first three being poetry books.

The response to the publication was overwhelming, I have received text messages, e-mails and telephone calls about it and people have been congratulating me on the book on several occasions.

It has also inspired me to continue writing in this novel style, anecdotes and little stories combined in a modern blog-style little book and I now have a new document on my computer to which I will be adding stories for my next manuscript: BROMMEN (which means MOPING in English). But it will be far from moping of course, the content will be equally cheerful as this first book and will also be about the adventures with my moped car.

So, after about 20 years I’m moving on from writing poetry to writing novels and I am very excited about it as it answers my need to make people smile with the things I write. Paperback Writer it is.