To my Father’s house

In the midst of my darkest moment, my greatest fear and the most excruciating pain I experienced, I cried to God. Then suddenly this thought came to my mind: This is where you shut the door behind you for the first and last time and wait for the light to go on in your new room. And for a few seconds I got excited!

I really thought I wouldn’t have the chance to say goodbye and had to move forward to spend eternity in heaven. Physically I wouldn’t have been able to fight my way back, in a spiritual way I was led by a higher power, God, and would not have wanted to if He had taken my hand right then and there.

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Heart attack

There are some things in life that you can not predict nor see it coming. This week I had a heart attack.

My Tuesday started like any other weekday, breakfast, shower, coffee. In this case, shaving my head was added to the routine as you can see. Little did I know, when I was making myself a cup of coffee, about the events that followed that day. And then it hit me, literally.

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The art of Slow Motion Breast Crawling

I am a very keen Slow Motion Breast Crawler in Holiday Season times.

People have been asking me on several occasions in the recent past, “How do you do it Leendert, just how do you master the art of Slow Motion Breast Crawling?”

And I will then have to say, “I don’t know really, it is a gift. Something that comes naturally.” But then I would be lying of course, the art of Slow Motion Breast Crawling is a matter of practice and you can do it too if you like and make the effort.

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High heart rate and fever. This Thursday I had my second shot of Moderna in the hospital in Leiden.

Almost an hour after I had my second shot on Thursday I started to have a fever which lasted until today. They warned me for this, as I have no functioning immune system the response may be unpredictable which is why I had to wait 15 minutes before I could leave the hospital after I had my vaccination.

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The Model Railway incident

This is another treasure I brought home once, the Brittania class 70 steam locomotive “Owen Glendower” made by Trix UK in 1958 which I bought at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in Birmingham.

I can’t find much information about this model but two things strike me as odd: it’s in the European H0 scale rather than the in the UK commonly used OO gauge and the name plates are red instead of the usual black.

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Semi swearing

A semi swear word in Dutch you don’t hear anymore in Swampyland is ‘Sakkerloot!’. As a child, I never knew what it meant and of course, you couldn’t find the answer in the local library in this Calvinistic country.

This week it’s 60’s Week on national radio station Max which is a station for seniors and I heard that word again in an old song. Blast from the past so I decided to google it.

Apparently, the origin leads back to around 1600, 1612 to be precise, and it means ‘Sacra Lotio!’ which is Latin for ‘Holy Baptism!’.

Well, that’s another Double Dutch lesson I learned today, you all have a great day.

A flock of sheep

De Veluwe is an area in the middle of Swampyland covered with heather fields and ancient forests and as a child I spent hours and hours there with friends wandering around.

Sometimes I would be having a pick nick on a fleece plaid on top of a hill there with a girl I liked, other times we went there with the boys from school searching for wasted copper bullets from the army (military terrain there).

No tanks and soldiers there nowadays as it is a recreational area now with a sheepfold and a flock of sheep where people go for walk in the weekend. Peace.

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Great Crested Grebe

The Great Crested Grebe is one of my favourite birds to photograph, especially when the light is right and I have tried to take good pictures of them for years.

But, when the opportunity comes, they usually dive right under at the precise moment you press the button of your camera. Not this evening though, I got lucky.

As the mother was sitting on the eggs in her nest daddy had gone out for food and as a very overcautious dad he stayed near the love of his life and gave me a chance to shoot these three beauties you see below.

From the three choices, Land, Water and Sky they can only pick two: swimming and flying, they can’t walk on land. One of my friends told me.