On the road to success

In December 2012 I said this on Facebook: “I want to do something significant, a thing that will be noticed by a lot of people and it has to be something really positive.” Literally.

A wish come true

A few days ago this sentence popped up in the Facebook Memories on my iPhone and as I woke up in the middle of the night and was still drowsy it took a while before I realised the full impact of that sentence I wrote 10 years ago that early morning.

And then it hit me: You did it, you really have done what you wrote 10 years ago!

So now I can safely say that I have accomplished exactly that, doing something significant for a lot of people with my website for users of moped cars. In the past years it has grown from a personal blog to a news website for thousands of users of moped cars! A wish come true.


This year I have been particularly fortunate in spite of the terrible things that happened. I survived a severe heart attack which was one of the worst moments in my life, never I suffered so much pain as on this day in May.

But, I wrote ‘fortunate’ because I survived. And contrary to that agonising moment of pain and recovering from that heart attack was the absolute highlight in my life of receiving a brand new moped car from the dealer and import company for which I worked very hard. And although I didn’t had this moped car set as a goal when I started with my website I was rewarded for all my work with this surprise.

These kind men you see here bring out the best in me, they are very inspiring people, passionate about alternative mobility for all ages, like I am and I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity.

And here is a promise for the next 10 years: I will continue working persistently on the concept of bringing news and information about this great little vehicle, there is no stopping me, not even a heart attack.

Let me tell you about my plans

My website Kronkelroutes.nl (which means Winding Routes in English) will go into a new direction next year. We will be going across the borders, regardless what happens with the Corona pandemic and soon a second website for the Belgians (in both French and Flemish) will be launched. Bringing news about moped cars to the Belgians, I am so looking forward to that.

Am I not worried it will be delayed or even canceled? Of course I am, I am a human being and just as concerned as the next person about the current events but I also believe hard work pays off and is the road to success.

Stay healthy my friends, better times are ahead. I truly believe that this rotten pandemic will go away at some point if we all work together, do not stop caring for each other.

Happy New Year!