Old Hall, Little Plumstead

Some time ago I asked a complete stranger to take a picture for me of a place where I once lived and had a very good time.

In 1989 I came to live in Old Hall, Little Plumstead Hospital. I made friends there that I haven’t forgotten and I never will. I lived and worked there, grew up, learned, loved and was loved.

That place was Little Plumstead Hospital. Like any other landscape, it changes. Things are broken down, buildings are built, streets overgrowing, trees cut down and gardens created. Little Plumstead Hospital is such a place. The last time I saw my precious Old Hall was when I showed it to my newly wed wife, Christa. I felt so proud that I once was part of that world on its own that I just had to let her see it.

People change, not only landscapes. In the years after we grew older, our children were born and grew up and we got 4 lovely children now. But even though it has been years ago, I never forgot.

And when I asked Evelyn Simak to make me a picture of Old Hall I knew I could never go back there anymore and her efforts would be my only chance to get another look at my past there.

So here it is: Old Hall, Little Plumstead Hospital. Thank you Evelyn!