Old Hall burnt down

This morning I read in the news, (EDP24, 15 August 2016) that Old Hall in Little Plumstead has burnt down and is no longer. I am sad. And I am in tears.

Old Hall

I have great memories of this house that was once my home when it was still Little Plumstead Hospital. When I was young I lived in England for a few years and this was the place I called my own. When I arrived I felt a sort of glorious feeling, I was going to live in this beautiful mansion, my castle with a tower!

I felt part of its history as I learned the language, the dialect, the customs, the ways of Norfolk. It was my coming of age, once my great love, my safety, my shelter and it gave place to the people I since then call my friends as they made me feel one of them.

I had a short glance at the pictures of the fire at the EDP24 website but I can’t bear to see them now, not yet. They are a blur through my tears anyway as I write this up as a short account of times when life was good. Old Hall – once majestic, now fallen.

But never forgotten.

Snapshot of Old Hall, Little Plumstead, Norfolk England – August 1989. Praktica MTL5 with a Pentacon 1.8/50mm lens. Scan from Kodak Gold paper at 300dpi