No colour needed

A friend posted something on Facebook this morning and ended his post with: “carry on everyone”. What the post was about is about is not important, but it instantly brought back memories of long ago, happy memories from my childhood. So I just had to write these down today.

Outside the world is grey, cloudy and no sun. Which is why my blog post is titled: No colour needed.

I remember it so well, coming back from school on a rainy day as a child. I was seven or eight years old I think and when ever it rained we were allowed to watch TV. On a Wednesday afternoon there was always a film on the first channel, we had only two in those days. I remember we had to laugh as Ernest did stupid things when he went to camp.

We watched Herbie, Mary Poppins, Lassie, Around the World in Eighty Days, Swiss Family Robinson, The Sound of Music or that one film I had to laugh so hard that I had to sit on the stairs for five minutes, hilarious accidents in a hospital in Carry on Nurse.

It rained a lot in Swampyland in the seventies, and it does today but it doesn’t really matter. Carry on everyone. Today no colour is needed.