In 1977 Smokey and the Bandit was in the cinemas in Swampyland. I was only nine then but they showed again in an obscure cinema near where I lived in 1982. So I asked my parents if I could go and see it but they said no and naturally I was disappointed.

One of my mates from school had a plan though. I said to my sister after school I was going to stay for a couple of hours to study at school with him but instead we went there together. As we didn’t have any money on us we snuck in through the big velvet curtain by crawling in on all fours just after it started and the lights in the dark corridor to the exit went out.

It was the first film I watched in a real cinema (except for The Sound of Music when we were on holiday but that doesn’t count). It’s on TV this evening, going to enjoy that and I don’t need permission this time.