My favourite subject

I can’t help myself but other than most people my favourite subject is Autumn, specifically Autumn in England. I have no logical explanation for this, maybe it has something to do with a how I felt decades ago living in Old Hall in England. Then again, Autumn in this place is equally wonderful and happy.

A few years ago I wrote this poem, Why I love those places. It may also be connected to this feeling of excitement, a gut feeling so to speak as it was then and it is like that again my current mood and I like it. Thinking back after nearly thirty years of those times I was young and free doesn’t make me sad, they are very strong and happy memories.

It also reminds me of those friends from long ago, parents now as well as me that are today still (or again) my friends. They come from various places in Swampyland, and England, old and young and they mean a lot to me. With them I share my feelings I rarely show to others. Autumn 2016 has come, and these memories come back to me again. When I write about life, past or present, they are my favourite subject. And I can’t wait to see them again.

The Black Horse Inn in Norwich in Autumn