Miracles do happen

Years ago I had severe problems with my lungs and due to years of pneumonia and being chronically ill my lung capacity had been reduced. To find out the extend of the damage I was sent to a hospital for research and checks and having yet again survived another pneumonia this was a hard thing for me to do.

This is where they put you in an air tight glass booth with a peg on your nose and a nozzle in your mouth to measure several aspects of the lungs. Day one passed with endless flow tests using different irritating substances such as ammonia to irritate the lungs and then measure air volume, oxygen absorption, capacity and other things.

On the second day I had to do force flow tests. I was put in that air locked booth again and this time I had to blow as hard as I could in that tube so they could measure the strength of my lungs. First time went wrong as I didn’t completely closed my mouth around the tube but the second time went right. But to the surprise of the specialist at the computer the line chart went up to the top of the screen and came back two or three inches to the right, similar to the picture below. He thought there might be something wrong with the machine I was connected to so he checked the membrane and computer connections and other things and asked me to do the test again.

And so I did. Again the line went up steep, disappeared and came back again. Worried and confused the specialist asked me to wait and regain my composure and try the booth in the next research room which was taken at that time. And so I did but again the line went off the chart. The specialist didn’t know what to do else now, this was a brand new research room and equipment! This could not be explained rationally he said.

Coincidentally there was a visiting professor from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for a conference in The Hague and he was visiting the hospital ward, looking at the advanced instruments the institute helped to develop. Seeing the professor the specialist explained the situation and how he checked every single thing to rule out any mechanical, electrical or other error in the equipment. And so the professor asked me to do the test once more.

This time the line went off and came back again, albeit with a smaller pause to reappear (three tests had taken a bit of me already). And that professor could not explain either why the line went up that steep and beyond measurable values in the software. He said that I must have given at least 115% in a force flow test which was designed to measure up to 110% the most! Even the best sports men could reach 105% at the very best! And he was confused too he said, seeing the previous results he thought that those tests must have given even higher scores!

In his opinion, the professor said, “there was no possible human explanation or a rational solution why I got these high scores” and “A higher power must be at work here.” This sent shivers up my back, goosebumps all over. “Well professor, with all due respect, there is a God.” I said calmly to him. He responded to that with a big smile. “So there is!” he answered. “God bless you.” And he went off to the other wards to visit.

Miracles do happen. And sometimes you don’t even have to look for them to find one. There is a God.