Most of my friends and family know that I have a great hobby: creating fail safe routes for senior drivers of moped cars. I call these routes ‘Kronkelroutes’ which is Dutch for ‘Winding routes’.

I also publish news about moped cars and their manufacturers at my website Kronkelroutes.nl. On the About page there you can read in English what the website is about and what my goals are.

I also drive a moped car myself, how else could I find out what problems users are experiencing or join in the joy they have driving a moped car? Now this moped car, a Microcar M.Go SXi made in 2009 in France is – like any 12 year old car- becoming subject to wear and tear. Not a lot though, my dealer is very good in maintenance as well as sales and the head mechanic in the workshop is a great guy who has much more knowledge of these little cars than the average mechanic in this country, in fact, he is a true professional (and a nice guy).

My perfectly maintained Microcar M.Go SXi 2009, look at it shine!

Once we moved here I started bringing my moped car there for maintenance and over the course of time and after I started the aforementioned website they offered me a sponsorship for maintenance and I started advertising them at the website. And then, after another year passed, the import organisation for Ligier and Microcar contacted me. I can still remember the man on the phone said to me, “Every garage owner in The Netherlands knows your website and what you do for the community.” and that I felt honoured of course.

Well and as one thing leads to another as they say, we started an extensive cooperation with me advertising them as well at my website, promoting the two brands, did I mention them already? Ligier and Microcar.

And this week my first book was published by them, titled Kronkelroutes! and it’s a great book, I am so incredibly proud of it (see My books at this website for more details). Not just the book itself is great, they have gone a lot further by making it a glossy work with a perfect layout and it contains all the stories I collected over the past years with my experiences as a moped car driver. And they made it just for me.

Being sponsored is a thing to be thankful for, having such a great cooperation with a an excellent garage and a large import organisation like them goes beyond just being thankful. As I always thought that a company can earn your trust and confidence and that it’s worth a lot, I now realised that in my case that works both ways: they believe in me. And that, my readers, the mutual feeling of trustworthiness, leads to loyalty. It’s not a one way street, it goes both ways. Loyalty.