Look to the sky!

“Look to the sky. Jesus is coming!”

This is the first line of one of my favourite songs sung by Larry Howard a long time ago. I have lost the record years ago when I moved from one place to another yet again. But the song remains in my memory.

It took me nearly thirty years to find myself in this house where I am now and lose that ever gnawing restlessness, the feeling of not belonging here, missing my old friends and only recently I became completely at peace with my surroundings and family, my life, my fate. And now this song just appears in my heart, in my mind again. Look to the sky. Jesus is coming! It is almost impossible to move on and look up at the same time, did you know that?

The world comes to a halt now and we take a pause from working to enjoy Christmas. Some of us kneel down around the Christmas tree to unpack presents (as Jesus got his from Three Wise Men), the star on top of the tree pointing upwards. Some of us go to church and there we see the cross on top of the church tower. And some of us, like me, just go outside in the cold and pray in silence, watching the stars.

We remember his birth sitting around the fire place, we eat and drink and thank God for all these blessings. And now is the time to look to the sky. Yes, Jesus is coming! It was once the most magnificent song performed by the largest choir in history of heaven and earth and it was sung by angels. Look to the sky. Jesus is coming! Find your rest in Him.

Merry Christmas.

“And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.”

St. John 1 verse 16 KJV

P.S. This is my Christmas poem for you this year: Not a single tear.