Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What do The Lord’s Supper en Custard have in common? It’s both on Sunday.

My lovely wife is preparing afternoon dinner in the kitchen. Roasted Hazelnuts from our own garden in the Apple Crumble and I will be making the Custard myself later on when she’s finished. The house smells, well, English. And that is good, real good.

This morning in Church I gave my testimony to the Reverend, that it is my very intention to join this congregation as a full member and enjoy the Lord’s Supper together with other members and find Friendship there. I have been alone in that perspective for too long and I have found new friends here, real good friends. I strongly believe that this is where I belong. We enjoyed the Lord’s Supper together and we sang beautiful hymns like Great is Thy faithfullness.

This afternoon we will be doing nothing else than hanging on the couch, enjoying our lovely dinner later on together and have a few Lagers or a glass of Wine. A day of resting, a Lazy Sunday Afternoon.