It’s a Bug’s Life

If you grew up like me close to nature you know the amazing things that you can see when you are focused on nature’s little wonders.

Like Ants. Ants have fascinated me as a child and they still do today. I don’t know how they do it but they can lift stuff three or more times their body weight or size. And when they struggle with the load, they come to help each other. Well, you’ve probably seen it in that animated pictures, It’s a Bug’s Life.

I knew this morning when I put away my wooden breakfast plate in the kitchen that they would come for that little piece of Corned Beef left on it, I left it there on purpose. So when I came back a little while later, clean and dressed I didn’t have to look first but grabbed my camera and then went to look for them.

They came as far as two feet away already, two of them carrying and one on the side as if shouting orders, occasionally helping them. Normally I wipe them off of the kitchen worktop surface, this time I let them be. Let them have it, that little piece of meat. Bon Appetit!