Gut feeling

This is how I remember it, Brundall railway station. In 1989 I got off the train here, with a knot tied in my stomach. A month before I left the army, not knowing what to do with my life and my uncle, The Brains they called him in the family, advised me “to go far away for a while to grow up and find out who I am”.

It meant a turn in my life that shaped me into what I am still now, I know that sounds a bit cryptic but my real friends know what I mean.

Oh that gut feeling I had then, it’s here now as vivid as back in 1989 and it takes me back to that railway station where I got off to enter a new phase in my life.

And again I have this feeling my life is taking another turn, hopefully for the better and it’s a bit scary, pleasant scary, exciting. Because just like in 1989 I am going to look for a job which is quite new to me. I haven’t found it yet but I will for sure. No more ICT, server, computers, websites and help-desk support. Something entirely new and again in the so called soft sector.

Not in care alas, my body can’t cope with that anymore. And maybe not as exciting as my job was then but at least in an environment where I can be myself without being shot down for I don’t know what reasons related to the job description. Just like then I will be on top of it, succeeding and being accepted I hope.

No wonder I have this gut feeling again.