Good news about A taste of love!

Today I received notice from my publisher telling me that my second collection of poems will be published. Off course I am very happy to hear this and I can’t wait til I can see the result for myself.

My second collection of poems is called A taste of love and is dedicated to my friends and written entirely in English. It contains poems about love, friendship, family, God, nature, birds and bees and more. I am sure you will like it, you can read examples of my English poetry here on my website.

You will make me very happy if you buy your copy and I will be glad to personally sign it for you when we meet. If you would like to pre-order my book, could you please send your name and permission to use your e-mail address to me? You can use for this or click on the link below.

“I would like to order A taste of love.”

Update: sold out.