Getting stronger

Six weeks after my heart attack, check up time. This morning I woke up a little more excited than in the past weeks, today I had several appointments in hospital for the first check up on my heart.

At breakfast, I read the instructions for the appointment which told me I had to take the boxes of the medication I had taken in the past weeks, one of each and also the list they had given me at discharge from hospital days after I had it.

The hospital is at the other end of the city and going there with my little moped car can be quite an adventure when the traffic is busy but this time I was alright, my appointment was going to be at 12:30. Just my luck as I had to miss lunch at home this way but it couldn’t be changed and I was eager to find out about my heart so off I went.

I soon found out that they have a nurse for each task: ultrasound scan, ECG, blood pressure, three nurses. Reporting for the next appointment: another nurse. Four. But I got through the things that needed to be done and I ended up in the cardiologist’s office. He said he was pleased to see me to which I replied, you must be when you fix someone’s heart they will come back eventually to thank you so there, thank you, doctor, for saving my life and he smiled.

So how is the patient then? He asked and I told him I feel much better now and I can even walk as far as one mile without getting short of breath. He was equally pleased he told me as he lives for these sort of things, fixing hearts and hear success stories. He also told me there is this tiny thing that I need to consider, I am and will be for the rest of my life a ‘heart patient’ and I need to be careful with food, fat, salt, condition, exercise and I mustn’t ever forget to take my tablets.

But, as there was only minimal tissue damage to the heart left he told me I could go and leave quite a normal life and I should make an appointment for over 6 months, “and let’s do all this again then, splendid.” and he ended the conversation in a gentlemen manner only doctors can do.

Next up this week is the exercise bike that arrived this morning, need to assemble that myself. Oh, and swimming, got to go back to swimming again. And long walks out in the fields. I’ll let you know.