For a tiny moment

For a tiny moment this morning this picture was my world.

When I looked through the viewer of my camera I suddenly shrunk and I entered the world you see here in this picture.

And all of a sudden I was only two inches high and invisible for the rest of the world as I was magically pulled into another world and changed to a smaller version of myself.

For the next two seconds this was my entire world on a stump of a tree, with mushrooms, moss and rotting leaves, all in the most awesome colours and smells.

As I stepped into this hidden world I held on to the stem of that mushroom in the middle, that short one over there, and I fell on my back in a piece of moss, soft like a feather pillow and I jumped up again.

I stood in awe for these colours made me high and I turned around to see more of it and had the sun in my eyes through the beautiful green leaves right above me.

Just for a tiny moment this morning my world was picture perfect.