Today I woke up with a fever and a headache and figured out that I have the Flu. And where normally I am up and about early, running errands in my little car or to the park photographing, I now stay put and be miserable on the couch not knowing what to do.

But the fever is finally gone now so I took my camera for a little project: photographing two oddities. One that should be in H0 scale but is not and the other one is the other way around, it is built in OO gauge.

I have taken one of my treasures out of the safe, an extremely rare Trix Twin Railway loco built in H0 scale. This is the Britannia Class “Owen Glendower” no. 70010 I bought years ago at the Warley Model Railway Exhibition in Birmingham. Well worth the twenty two quit I spent on it.

Another gem I have is this loco, a Fleischmann 1324 H0 DB BR 65. Believed to be a prototype as the signature of the model maker is on the die cast iron inside the locomotive and made in a rare OO gauge instead of the more popular H0 scale on the continent.

Bought at an auction years and years ago, I sometimes take them out just to look at them for a while. Not a valuable item, just priceless to a boys heart. And I will always be the model railway boy inside.