First day without a job, it does feel different

Today is my first day without a job, after a year working for a JAVA development company I am now at home. They let me go after changes of insight in the structure and scale of a Customer Support Group for their products.

And I couldn’t keep up with the level of support they were offering to their customers, I just lacked the energy to learn the needed skills and knowledge. It does feel different you know, rather than having a day off this is somewhat useless moping around. Sitting on the couch wondering what to do next.

I must find something useful to do for the weeks or even months coming but for now I am just drinking my coffee and listening to some music. I will treat this Friday as my last day off. Next week the real misery begins. Looking for a job, taking over the household, washing, ironing, cooking, mopping and moping. But not now, not yet. Please.