Feeding my family

I have four lovely children. They grow up fast and lately they have been complaining there is not enough food on the table at tea time.

I usually have the same amount of food for every meal and when they complained I decided to make 50 % extra for each meal from now on. For example, instead of just over 1 kilogram of peeled potatoes I now made at least 1.5 kilogram. Or rice, or pasta. And likewise for vegetables and meat.

Now I thought that would be more than needed but after a week I realised that at the end of every meal all pans are empty, even with those large quantities of food! Amazing! So I asked them how come and they replied: “Well, ever since you became a stay at home dad you have been cooking tea for us with only fresh ingredients and it tastes a lot better. So naturally we eat more.” And then I asked, “but you said there wasn’t enough food lately.”, to which my youngest daughter replied, “Oh there is enough food alright but we just want more of it because we like it better than when you used to come home from work and used other things to cook us tea.”

It gives me great joy to feed my family and to make meals prepared with a lot of creativity and fantasy. But I just have to find a way to pay for all that extra food. Either that or make it less attractive … Neh!