Don’t panic!

Two years ago I was having anxiety attacks at the mere thought of having to go to the swimming pool in my little Microcar along busy roads in this city where they drive like mad men.

So rather than driving that short distance in 20 minutes I took the bus which took me 1.5 hours to and 1.5 hours traveling back.

Until my sisters partner insisted I should face my demons and deal with them after I told him I was too scared to go there in my car. Instead of laughing at me he went with me a couple of times just to show me that it wasn’t at all scary and other road users would consider you being there so that it was really no problem going 28 mph (top speed of the little car) where as they would pass me going 45 mph, it was all perfectly safe.

Fear is real, anxiety is real, panic is real. And it’s not silly. With a little help from others you can overcome it. As long as you’re not ashamed to talk about it.