Do not fear!

This week I am on infusion on a Thursday. Not that is feels any different than infusion on a Friday. Except that for some unknown reason the sun is shining more brightly than usual. And I am happier than usual. For a reason. You see, I have a little confession to make.

Over the past months I have been growing exceedingly worried about bumps and lumps and spots on my body and at a certain point I was very scared that I might had some serious disease. Most of you know I have been ill with this auto immune disorder that can not be cured and will eventually become worse. And as I will never be cured from that on top of it I was so immensely afraid I got skin cancer or something.

Yesterday I finally found the courage to call the doctor and she called me in right away. And once she had seen the brown spots and felt the bumps she immediately set things straight, no cancer. Apparently I have something that a lot of people have and I need not to worry she said.

So far the whinge about health, bumps, lumps and spots and all. What I want to tell you is about that fear. Over time fear might grow out of proportions and take over your life, brains, take away your sleep and wreck your life altogether. And there is no need to. As well as my doctor can reassure me that there is no skin cancer there is another great Doctor that can reassure you that fear is futile. And the sooner you call Him, the better! There is no need to let fear wreck your life and fear of dying is just not necessary.

The parallel is that the sooner you go to a doctor with a suspected disease, the better your chances are you might get cured (if possible). But more important -far more important- is that when you turn to God your life gets saved. Not that imperfect life in a broken body in an even more broken world, but eternal life is then granted to you. Not a ‘might’ or a ‘chance’, not a percentage of statistics. No, you get saved! Don’t fear.