Cucumber Time

Komkommertijd, Sommerloch, La saison des Marronniers, The Silly Season, Agurketid, Gúrkutíð, Okurková sezóna, Sezon ogórkowy, Uborkaszezon, עונת המלפפונים, Hapukurgihooaeg, Sauregurkenzeit.

The entire Northern Hemisphere is going èn masse on Summer Holiday vacation to charge the batteries and come back as a whole new refreshed person. For those who are left behind it is also known as The Dull Season or rather Cucumber Time as they say in Swampyland. We are stuck with a view of dried out grass, empty streets, littering newspapers flying through the air and grumpy cashiers in the Super Markets violently shoving your nick knacks along the conveyor belt at the checkout.

And as most editors and journalists are also enjoying the overcrowded beaches of Alanya we will have to do with what’s left or recycled in the News Papers. Some of the news has been printed as interesting facts in the two past centuries over and over and thus we find out yet again that Grandma Schindler in Tulsa, Oklahoma at last has found her lost wedding ring after 63 years and can now die happily in the Nursing Home where she lives (or lived at the time the story was first printed).

So whilst the Post Man is doing his rounds with bags full of post cards from the most exotic parts of the world I show you this picture of an old Cucumber. I am sure I have seen this Cucumber before. Once or twice.