Creating memories that last

Today I made Semolina pudding, I think the Americans call it Tapioca but I’m not sure. In my version I used Almond cookies and liquor as it was meant to be eaten by adults, not children.

This is something that we used to get after Sunday dinner (except then there was no liquor in it). I remember how it tasted and although it was never that popular when we were children, I have never forgotten it and I just loved it. We usually had cherry syrup on top.

Today I have recreated that childhood memory and added a few more things of my own. So this way, it will be a memory to last a next generation.

It is made of the hard grain left after the milling of flour and similar to eating a tapioca-grit like cookie flavoured dessert! I have added Vanilla sugar, a little bit of Amaretto di Saronno and two spoons of white castor sugar to it, cut up four almond cookies into little bits and mixed them through the pudding and put a few almond cookies on top. Alternatively you can put cherry syrup or walnuts with honey on top.