Well then, here I am again. Haven’t had much time recently to give you an update of my life but now I have plenty of time to write this blog as I have caught Covid.

Bugger! What an awful disease this is! First it makes your head explode, then your throat hurts like heck as if someone tries to take out your tonsils with a hack saw, no anaesthetics.

On day three, high fever gets you and since I have this problem with my immune system I also suffocate as my lungs start to fill up. Only just now, day four, I am feeling slightly better, just slightly. And I started to think, where the heck did I get this? I am so careful these days wearing face masks and disinfecting my hands everywhere I go so how on earth was this possible? But the lateral flow test showed a clearly positive outcome and I don’t mean positive as a good thing.

I started to interrogate the family members present in the house and I soon found the culprit, the youngest one, Joris. Apparently, when he invited some of his friends for his so-called “Corona proof” Birthday Party the other week, he also demanded they should do a lateral flow test the same day in order to attend. But some of these jokers decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and picked an old (negative) test they saved just for this occasion from a drawer in their desk. And, he confessed to me, two of his mates later told him they had Covid already before they came to our house. Joris attracted it from them. And then he passed it on to me, he’s only just recovered.

So there, sorted out where it came from, now I still have to get rid of it which is the hardest part and basically I just have to sit this one out. Of course, being a responsible citizen, I reported my case in the government issued app on my iPhone. As you can see some joker at their software programming dept. made the text on the button reverse as soon as you’ve entered your details which I find not funny at all as you do not joke about a pandemic.

Having a chronic disease with a defected immune system I made very clear to my son that it is of the utmost importance not to take any risk with visitors and he should take every precaution to prevent pathogens entering our household. It could be the end of me if we don’t cooperate. As it seems I will make a lucky escape this time. Good, I have too much do do anyway.

Take care of each other, we’re in this together.