Christmas Traditions

Christmas in our house is and has always been a tradition of being together remembering the birth of Christ, going to church for Carols, reading about His birth in the Holy Bible, a Christmas Tree and and yes, an abundance of food too.

And after years without them another family tradition is back: playing Christmas records on the old record player which is fully restore now. We don’t question all these things, they are there and we all accept that it is like that and we like it that way.

But last year we were discussing the possibility of skipping a Dutch tradition, Sinterklaas and putting our presents underneath the Christmas Tree instead (you can read all about the Dutch feast of Sinterklaas on Wikipedia by the way). I wanted to introduce some of the British customs like Mince Pies, a meal with Roast Pork and roasted potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings, Custard on Apple Crumble, Christmas Crackers and a Nativity Scene in the living room. And so we had our first traditional British Christmas.

Some of my children objected to having our presents under the tree though because they said it had nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas and it was only a pagan tradition just like the tree itself. Of course they are entitled to their own opinion and I admire the fact they speak up for their beliefs but I do think all these things may well fit in the festivities and I think I have the perfect explanation for it. And we’re going to do it again like that this year.

So if anyone wants to ask me: What does putting your presents underneath a Christmas Tree has to do with the birth of Jesus? I dare to answer that question with this: The Holy Bible says there were Three Wise Men coming to that party and we all know they didn’t come empty handed now did they? There.