Christmas Sweater

Yesterday my beloved lovely wife bought me this Christmas Sweater.

I have been asking for one for weeks (year after year before Christmas really), one of those knitted sweaters with a pattern of snow crystals, reindeer and antlers but she refused firmly as she said it would make me look like a fool.

This year was¬†different. She went out Christmas shopping with the girls and I didn’t expect them back for four or five hours the least.

But after about two hours I received a text message on my phone. “I bought you a Christmas Sweater“. Gladness overwhelmed me, after all those years she finally gave in to my idiosyncrasies and bought me something utterly British to wear.

They made me wait for another two hours before I could try it on but the moment I got it I fell in love with it. No monstrous reindeer on the front side but a small band with antlers was there, this was the Christmas Sweater I have been wanting for years!

One thing I have to do with new clothes is to smell it first before I try it on, and this Christmas Sweater was no exception. But what I didn’t expect to happen was that with this smell a giant wave of memories would come over me as I smelled petrol cans in the shed, pine trees, chestnuts, woodfire, marzipan and Roast Dinner all at the same time. A truly magical experience!

So now we are all at home again, Christmas music on the wireless, children playing a board game at the dinner table and I find myself completely at ease reading a book with a glass of mulled wine and the girl I love cuddled up against me, wearing my Christmas Sweater on the sofa. That is true love.

Merry Christmas.