I love living in this large city in Swampyland called Amersfoort. I have no regrets whatsoever that we moved here a little over two years ago. But traffic in this place can be frightening in some areas, especially when you drive a moped car.

Only just recently I got used to going round the outer ring road and I am no longer nervous up to a point that it’s disturbing and I can cope with rush hour too now.

But this particular roundabout on the inner ring road you see in the picture in my blog is the one I still fear the most. It has a tunnel, lanes that go through that tunnel and more than one that leads you up to the roundabout itself. If you stay in the centre lane for too long you are forced to go through the tunnel leading you to a road prohibited for moped cars and you end up left of a bus lane which you then have to cross plus the other two lanes to take the exit leading you to safety.

If you decide to take the right lane too early you get people ticked off at you for driving too slow in that lane. And when you’re up on that roundabout it has two circles and if you want the third exit you have to take the inner circle first and move right again when you need to get off it and there are numerous people on it already. Far too busy and full of people with big cars and small well ehm you know what I mean.

Today the city council announced it will be converted into a level crossing with traffic lights soon. Thank God.