Cambridge chilly corners

This Spring I went back to England, this time I went with my dear friend Han to Cambridge. It is hard to explain what these visits mean to me, there is a lot of emotion involved.

I like England, it was the first place in young adulthood where I felt at peace with myself for a while and found friends.

I like Cambridge in the first place for the memories of a nice church with lovely people, I used to attend the Sunday services regularly in those days I lived in England. When I close my eyes I can still follow the roads where I went on my pushbike to church, from the railway station to the Blossom Trees in that cul-de-sac called Cockcroft Place.

I like Cambridge now for another surprising reason too and it gives me goose bumps every time I visit the city centre.

There is a strange power attracting me to the places in the city where the sun rarely comes and I just have to stand there and stare into the darker corners around the ancient buildings for a while.

It is almost as if I am only then connected to the past of Cambridge and it makes me long for peace again in my heart. I love that feeling, being utterly alone but with plenty people around me not to be completely lost. I hope I have described my feelings well and you understand. In a city that I love. Cambridge.