Bye Bye Bi-focals

They were once a status symbol fit for only the rich people in society, Bi-focal glasses of this type. They weren’t called Longline Executive Bi-focal glasses for nothing.

If you were a Bank Director, Doctor or Professor, you would wear these when you had reached that age when easy reading wasn’t taken for granted anymore. These glasses were meant to make you look more important and to give you a certain status.

I often spotted these type of glasses in TV series like The Avengers or All creatures great and small or Dad’s Army and I wanted to have these myself too when I reached the aforementioned age of assisted reading.

They had set me back quite a lot of money but it was worth it every penny. As my work demanded my complete and undivided attention as well as eye contact with my colleagues these were the best money could buy.

I have used these glasses for years but today I have finally said goodbye to them and put them on the shelf together with the other abandoned old spectacles of significance. As I no longer work with computers and have now switched to varifocal glasses with a better prescription I no longer use them.

Bye Bye Bi-focals, goodbye to an era.