Buying a walking cane – Update

Because I broke my back years ago my back has always been bad and a cause for persistent pain. Over the past 20 years my back has become worse and sometimes I cannot leave the house because of that. I am now starting to accept the fact that I need to use a walking stick for getting up and about and for walking. Especially in the weekends when I am tired I really need one.

But where to find a proper walking stick? I searched the internet for a nice walking cane, after all I want to do this only once and so it has to be the right one the first time since I am not planning to buy more than one. Over here in Swampyland there are many options but mostly modern aluminium or orthopaedic versions. And I know that in England there are many more classic walking sticks and dress canes to choose from.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction for buying a proper walking cane? It has to be 39 inches long, classic with a Derby handle, preferably made from solid metal but not necessarily. In Swampyland they don’t have the rich British tradition to sell those canes I like.

Update 7 January 2014:

I bought a nice walking cane on this website: The Stick & Cane Shop. It arrived this afternoon. It’s a very sturdy cane and it does not bend when I lean on it. I am very glad with my purchase and I can certainly recommend this shop for your walking needs.