Bright Eyes

I remember it so well, it was the first song that played on that old tube radio I got from a friend when I was 12 years old. You never forget these things, how can you ever forget something like that?

When I turned it on the lights behind the glass dial began to brighten up and slowly the sound came on and the ‘Cat Eye’ in the front turned bright green with a little grey stripe in the middle. It smelled like hot dust on the amber tubes glowing inside, I could see them through the holes in the back.

The FM Aerial was made from an old wire coat hanger that I soldered to a wire and I put in the hole in the back with the word Antenna above.

I spent a lot of time up in my room when I was twelve or reasons I cannot go into here at my website but it was the only safe place where I could be without being harassed by my twin brother, my sisters or even my parents (when they were actually at home).

And then this song, Bright Eyes sung by Art Garfunkel. Even now when I listen to the wireless it still brings me back to that one single peaceful moment during my youth.