Breaker! Breaker!

Never thought I would do this again but I this evening I had the second CB I ordered in my life installed in my little moped car along with a fiberglass NGP Sirio GL 27 Ground Less on top which you can see in the picture on the left.

A friend who had the knowledge and the tester tuned it for me and now we’re good to go.

The first CB I owned was a solid Midland Alan 48 Plus Transceiver you see below which I used to order food from the 17th floor in a flat building I lived in before I got married or talk for a few minutes to the occasional trucker on a highway nearby when the reception was good.

The owner of the food stall down below had one too and all you needed to do was order, stick a tenner in a bucket on a string and when he called on channel 17 the order for apartment 764 was ready I would lower it to the ground, he took the tenner and put my food and change in it so I could pull it up again.

Then I got married and the thing was forgotten but now I’m more and more out in the fields it’s convenient for me to be able to communicate with farmers in tractors if only just to ask if I can pass with my moped car if it takes too long like the other week. Or ask them whether they know if there are any police cars nearby as they’re very keen on catching me in places where I’m not supposed to be.

Behind a tractor

As the old Midland CB didn’t fit in my small Microcar I decided to buy a compact version of that old two way radio, a nice looking Albrecht AE 6110 which does the same job except it fits on top of the dashboard in my little car. Still channel 19 for truckers though, isn’t it?

P.S. I think I will need to watch Convoy again now to brush up on my CB lingo. Breaker! Breaker! Got your ears on? That’s a big 10-4 good buddy.