Boat noise

Being an eccentric writer in Swampyland I am entitled to using unusual means of transport I think so I have got it now owning a limited speed vehicle, a Microcar MC Campus SXI model 2008 to be precise.

I knew I would be creating a lot of smiles on many faces doing so but as I am a free and creative spirit I thought, well creating smiles is not new to me so what, let them laugh.

Now what I didn’t know was the noise this ‘automobile’ makes, it’s a Diesel! Oh my, and the smell of it, like that of those little boats on the lakes when I was a child. All of a sudden have these memories of my childhood that included this particular smell. Turning the key in the ignition of this car is guaranteed to take you back to the eighties!

So I used Google to find out more about this particular brand and found out the engine has in fact derived from a small boat engine and the manufacturer of this little car’s primary business is making boats. I am not surprised the cars they make have some similarities with them.

But at least the engine is made in Italy and I have a thing with Italy (as well as England) as it’s made by a company called Lombardini, can’t get anymore Italian than that, isn’t it? And you may laugh all you can, I won’t hear it. It’s just creating a smile on my own face, when you see me driving this car you can see it. And it can’t be wiped off.