Back on track

If you knew everything that could happen beforehand, you could go around the world on a dime is what my grandmother used to say to me, it’s a Dutch saying.

In the run-up to my heart attack, my health tracker already indicated that my heart had to work way too hard for it, but I didn’t recognize the signals, I thought I was just a very busy man (May 2 and 3).

The yellow arrow in the picture above indicates the moment of the heart attack on a daily heart rate chart, the white arrow points to the same event in a three-month graph but there you can actually see that my average heart rate was already rising in the weeks prior to the moment I collapsed. After the heart attack, it was brought down to an acceptable level with medication so my heart will get a little rest for a while to recover. A healthy heart rate averages 72 beats per minute.

Of course, you don’t have to look frantically at these charts and fear for a heart attack but a health tracker on your wrist can give you the signals and help you live a healthier life. Especially if you have reached ‘that age’ where the risk of a heart attack increases.

Before and after

The English have a saying “It’s no use crying over spilt milk” and so I’m not going to cry myself now, because I have to keep going.

Not that I find it an easy task to do, I just seem unable to move forward and my body seems twice as heavy when I move.

But we are now working steadily on our health and keeping an eye on the lines in the graphs in a relaxed manner.